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VEE, Vim Editor Embedded

VEE is based on the VIM under GNOME environment, and VEE has the VIM, X terminal and SSH client. VEE can open VIM, X terminal as a new TAB in gtk notebook. VEE is tightly integrated with GNOME, so without under GNOME environment VEE will not be correctly worked.

I'm Spike^ekipS <spikeekips@gmail.com>. You can find the more detailed information about VEE in KLDP WIKI, http://wiki.kldp.org/wiki.php/VEE, if you are Non-Korean user, use the documents in vee source package.

Bugs, new ideas, or anything else, you can leave messages in [http]VEE Discussion Page.

2. News

2.1. 2005.12.11

New release, 4.0-1.

Change log is,
  • The entire code was re-written, but i could not find any improvement :)
  • support SSH Session
  • Dashboard interface
  • new gnome help page for VEE.
  • new logo
  • a little bit changed layout
  • bookmark panel was removed and create new bookmark window.
  • added the new color setting widget for VTE child modules.
  • added new keyboard shortcut for the experienced user.
  • enable to start vee with items in bookmark.

2.2. 2005.08.12

- VEE 3.2 BETA released

: you will find the screenshot of ths version in /screenshot-3.2Beta 3.2 Beta Screenshot

3. Features

- support VIM and X terminal

- open the VIM and X terminal as a new TAB in notebook.

- DND(Drag & Drop).

You can drop down the file to VEE from GNOME desktop

- external terminal can be executed in VEE as a new tab.

- open file outside VEE, with 'veet'.

- can be stored the tab state in bookmark

You can find the real actions of VEE in VEE/ScreenShot and in VEE/ChangeLog (Korean) you can trace the history of VEE.

4. Download Here,

5. Installation is,

5.1. Debian

Download deb version of VEE and install it.
shell > dpkg --install vee-X.X-X_i386.deb

5.2. Tarball

Check whether the belowed libraries was installed or not.
- python 2.3

- pygtk 2.4

- gnome-python 2.4

- glade2 2.4

- vte 0.11.11

- gconf 2.4

- twisted framework 2.0

- and the other default GNOME environment libraries

If you use debian linux, check this,
ii  glade-gnome-2    2.10.0-3  Dummy upgrade package for glade-gnome
ii  python2.3-glade2 2.6.2-1   GTK+ bindings: Glade support
ii  python2.3-gtk2   2.6.2-1   Python bindings for the GTK+ widget set
ii  vim              6.3-085+1 Vi IMproved - enhanced vi editor
ii  python2.3        2.3.5-6   An interactive high-level object-oriented language (version 2.3)
ii  python2.3-twisted-conch    2.0.1-3    The Twisted SSH Implementation (for Python 2.3)
This is current package, required by VEE, in my debian system.

With these packages VEE will be worked, I guess :)

Use python setup.py script,
shell > python setup.py install --prefix=/usr/local

More detailed method is,
shell > python setup.py --help
  • If you package VEE, add --fakeroot option=<directory>

6. Run,

After install vee, you must run this,
shell > vee -s
This will be update or install the new gconf schema. If you install vee thru package system like debian, or redhat, you can skip this step.

shell > vee

shell > vee --help (Help message.)

Outside VEE, You can open the file in VEE,
shell > veet <filename> [filename ....]

Words must be weighed, not counted.

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