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Terminal IIIMCF Interface/Input Method

Korean tii/Kor

1.1. Introduction

1.2. Project Related Pages

1.3. Terminal IIIMCF Interface

1.3.1. Introduction

  • The Terminal IIIMCF Interface (tii) provides functions that allow general terminal programmers a simplified access to the input method functions of IIIMCF.

1.3.2. File Description

  • tii.c, tii.h Terminal IIIMCF Interface functions and function definitions
  • test.c Simple test code demonstrating how tii works

1.3.3. tii test code compile

# gcc -Wall -DHAVE_STDINT_H -I/usr/include/iiim -liiimcf -o test tii.c test.c
# iiimd
# ./test
  • Korean is currenly the default language. For Chinese or Japanese input, comment out the Korean part, and uncomment the respective language.

	/* for Korean (hangul) */
	IIIMCF_input_method im = tii_find_im(handle, "hangul");
	IIIMCF_language lang = tii_find_lang(handle, "hangul", "ko");

	/* for Chinese (newpy) */
/*	IIIMCF_input_method im = tii_find_im(handle, "newpy");
	IIIMCF_language lang = tii_find_lang(handle, "newpy", "zh_CN");
	/* for Japanese (CannaLE, need cannaserver) */
/*	IIIMCF_input_method im = tii_find_im(handle, "CannaLE");
	IIIMCF_language lang = tii_find_lang(handle, "CannaLE", "ja");

1.3.4. test code screenshots

  • execution test code that comes with tii

1.4. Terminal IIIMCF Input Method

1.4.1. Introduction

  • The tii package comes with Terminal IIIMCF Input Method (tiim), a program based on termim which allows terminal users to use multiple languages through IIIMCF through tii functions.
  • tii aims to run under any UTF-8 enabled terminal that has terminal capability equivalent or compatible to the linux console or vt100 (xterm).

1.4.2. File Description

  • tiim.c Terminal IIIMCF Input Method code

1.4.3. Install

  • IIIMF needs to be installed. (preferably iiimf-12.2)
  • Currently 'hangul' leif is selected by default. To change the language, edit 'tiim.c'
  • Change
#define HANGUL
which is Korean (hangul), to
#define CANNA
for Japanese (CannaLE), or
#define NEWPY
for Chinese (newpy).
  • You may use other languages (but they have not been tested) supported by IIIMF.
  • You may need a terminal that can display UTF-8; for example:
    • jfbterm, uterm, fbiterm, bogl-bterm, etc. on the linux framebuffer
    • xterm(with iso10646 fonts), hanterm("classic", UTF8 mode), etc. on X
  • Input method toggle is done with Ctrl-Space
  • For more info check out the INSTALL file in the tii package.

1.4.4. tiim screenshots

  • Initial screen

  • Korean Input using the 'hangul' leif (using jfbterm as terminal)

  • Japanese Input using the 'CannaLE' leif and Canna 3.7p3 (using jfbterm as terminal)

  • Chinese Input using the 'newpy' leif (using jfbterm as terminal)

1.5. Links

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  • All comments in Korean and English (or any other language) are welcome!

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