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GNU C 라이브러리


  • Getting Started
  • Standards and Portability
  • Using the Library
  • Roadmap to the Manual

Error Reporting

Virtual Memory Allocation And Paging

Character Handling

String and Array Utilities

Character Set Handling

Locales and Internationalization

Message Translation

Searching and Sorting

Pattern Matching

Input/Output Overview

스트림 입출력

  • ...
  • 기본적인 출력 (Simple Output)
  • ...
  • 형식이 갖춰진 출력 (Formatted Output)
  • ...

Low-level Input/Output

File System Interface

Pipes and FIFOs


Low-Level Terminal Interface



Arithmetic Functions

Date and Time

Resource Usage And Limitation

Non-Local Exits

Signal Handling

The Basic Program/System Interface


Job Control

System Databases and Name Service Switch

Users and Groups

System Management

System Configuration Parameters

DES Encryption and Password Handling

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