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ACT 1050 Project Home Page

Project Vision

To create easy-to-use cunit software with which users can be productive within 20 minutes of completing first test case.

Percent of Schedule Used (Actual/Planned) 0% / 0% Percent of Resources Used (Actual/Planned) 0% / 0% Percent of Defects Found (Actual/Planned) 0% / 0%

Project Tracking

  • Current Task List (TBD)
  • Current Defect List (TBD)
  • Top 10 Risks List (TBD)
  • Project Manager's Status Reports (TBD)
  • Software Project Log (TBD)

Project Planning

  • Change Control Plan (TBD)
  • Software Development Plan (TBD)
  • Quality Assurance Plan (TBD)
  • Staged Delivery Plan (TBD)
  • Individual Stage Plans (TBD)
  • Detailed Software Construction Plans (TBD)
  • Software Project History Document (TBD)

Technical Work Products

  • User Interface Prototype (TBD)
  • User Interface Style Guide (TBD)
  • User Manual/Requirements Specification (TBD)
  • Architecture Document (TBD)
  • Detailed Design Documents (TBD)
  • Software Integration Procedure (TBD)
  • Company Coding Standard (TBD)

Project Deliverables

  • Current version of ACT 1050 (TBD)
  • Deployment Document / Cutover Handbook (TBD)
  • Release Checklist (TBD)
  • Release Approval (TBD)

The best prophet of the future is the past.

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