Appendix B
Sample smail Configuration Files


이 절에선 로컬 네트웍상의 UUCP leap 사이트를 위한 예제 설정파일을 보여준다.

Other Chapters

1. Introduction to Networking
2. Issues of TCP/IP Networking
3. Configuring the Networking Hardware
4. Setting up the Serial Hardware
5. Configuring TCP/IP Networking
6. Nake Service and Resolver Configuration
7. Serial Line IP
8. The Point-to-Point Protocol
9. Various Network Applications
10. The Network Information System
11. The Network File System
12. Managing Taylor UUCP
13. Electronic Mail
14. Getting smail Up and Running
15. Sendmail+IDA
16. Netnews
17. C News
18. A Description of NNTP
19. Newsreader Configuration


A. A Null Printer Cable for PLIP
B. Sample smail Configuration Files
C. The GNU General Public License